Replacement Windows Manchester


REHAU WINDOWS – A frame to suit every room in your home.

REHAU Edge and 70 MM Window systems make your home more attractive and comfortable and add great value.
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Established in the UK for over 40 years REHAU products ensure only the best for your home.

Eiger Doors have been installing REHAU products in the Greater Manchester and North West since 1996 under the Certass certification scheme offering our own no quibble TEN year guarantee!

Our installations two key elements are the REHAU frame available in Category ‘A’ energy rating and the double glazed units produced by Regency Glass these feature such examples as Warm Edge units attaining a Class ‘A’ energy rating.

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Click on the images below to see some examples of our fitted windows…

  • SDC10018
  • SDC10020
  • SDC10023
  • SDC10169
  • SDC10170
  • SDC10177
  • SDC10181
  • SDC10183
  • SDC10190
  • SDC10195
  • SDC10196
  • SDC10198
  • SDC10200
  • SDC10201
  • SDC10202
  • SDC10537
  • SDC10571