Rehau Bi-Folding Doors


REHAU’s BI-FOLDING DOOR- Unfold your door to a better world.

Our BI-FOLDING door schemes add flexibility to a living space.

They make your room look bigger by opening up a lounge or conservatory on to a terrace or in to a garden.

Sculptured beads and low sight lines give a great appearance in keeping with the doors ultra modern design.

Bi-Folding doors not only cover up to 5.5 metre spaces but are equally suitable for the smaller width sizes e.g. 1.2 metres.

The slimmer feature of the profile compared to those of French Doors and Sliding Patio Doors mean that less area is taken up by PVC . More glass area results giving increased light to the room.

The image above is an example of a Rehau Bi-Folding Door

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Click on the images below to see some fitted bi-folding door examples:

  • SDC10235
  • SDC10236
  • SDC10237
  • SDC10243
  • SDC10245
  • SDC10246
  • SDC10247
  • SDC10248
  • SDC10249
  • SDC10250
  • SDC10251


and another fitted example

Below are some other shots of Bi-folding Doors